Nothing kills a product faster than wrong classification. Products with missing or wrong attributes fall off the radar , especially online, and you find yourself sitting on a stack of goods that could have sold. With Kanvas, review your product images and information in clusters and visually in one place and instantly highlight errors and omissions.


Make sure the right images are being collected and there are no wrong images tied to products as you prepare your data for feeding the online store. Sorted and saved into the required folders, yet available to view in one glance along with your desired size resolutions, Kanvas makes the task of image validation easy!


Kanvas helps you monitor inventory status and select products to offer in your online store. Check data, update added/amended attributes, meta tags and descriptions as needed. Export images into zipped folders and choose the data fields that you want to send off to the online shop portal. With our easy export function, there is no need to prepare packets of data and images by hand. Sort, select, enrich, group and export – it all happens in minutes. Increase response speed and reduce turnaround time. Time is money and consumers are clicking away. The faster products can move from the warehouse to the online portal, the faster you can get your cash.


Don’t let important assets (product images and data) get lost in the sea of folders, laptops and servers in your organisation. Avoid losing the product line history when a colleague leaves the organisation. Build a central repository. Campaign tags, layouts, report formats and images will no longer be lost. Leverage your best selling products from the past and be aware of the losers. Quickly turn around a range to fill volumes with a best performing range that was available in your repository.