With Kanvas, visually review your offer and build assortments for your key accounts and stores. Then download the assortment in Excel (with images) and plan the numbers as well. Once you get nearer to achieving the targets, put your plan back into Kanvas and see how the figures for the categories, collections and drops add up.

Showcase your recommendations to your customers and get their buy in quickly and visually. Help them see beyond one style at a time. No need to keep turning those pages in the catalogue and keep trying to visualise how the selected styles will look together as a range. Kanvas helps you see the range all together. Sort/Filter/Cluster/Group and rearrange the styles as you wish. Selling was never so easy!


Showcase the assortment to your customers using Kanvas’s KART module and have them rate the products per their liking and give you orders online. You can load targets or target category contribution mix as well as recommended quantities for each customer. As orders are placed, monitor the total and individual customer quantities, value and ratings to make decisions on campaign products, borderline products and non-sellers. Iterate in real time and save weeks of manual collation and back-and-forth communications. Get the assortment buying right and the right sales patterns will follow.


Analyse your customers’ past buying and sales patterns visually using Kanvas. Have informed and targeted discussions with them during the season and pre/post season. It’s easy to figure out which of their choices did not work well in their store and which were their best sellers. Influence the choices they make for future seasons armed with data and insights on consumer preferences and product performance in their store. They will thank you for it.