Did you know you can save up to 10% of margin erosion due to markdowns just by giving your line a systematic re-balancing? With Kanvas, review your line for redundant styles that may cannibalise sales and cut back your potential long tail of poor performers. Make smarter choices save that working capital!


Kanvas helps you monitor launched products’ sales and inventory and create action plans for the operating team. Give a visual instruction that gets your work done easier, faster and better. Actually seeing what’s selling well in one store and stuck in another helps you quickly create transfer instructions, using automated templates. Do tedious and time-consuming tasks in minutes you often put off for days. Increase the speed of generating insights and executing.


Seeing product images along with data will make you understand potential failures quickly. If those products are not moving week after week, day after day and the sell through percentage is not hitting the target, don’t wait for the end of season sale to liquidate. With Kanvas, identify trending failures for early markdowns and offer in-store promotions or bundled offers and shift that inventory before consumers start comparing offers from other brands.


Kanvas aids in planning which item will be released in which drop and tags/clusters products on the fly. Review items going into the planned drops/releases visually and identify potential gaps or commonalities. Offer a balanced range that looks good together in stores.