With Kanvas, look at the inventory in-store and identify items with stock-outs and skewed size ratios. Create liquidation plans, promotions and visual merchandising guidelines to improve sell through. Where inventory has to be liquidated externally, moved across stores or pulled back to consolidate at the warehouse, visual instructions can quickly be created and sent to the operations.


Kanvas helps you to look at the range delivery and decide on promotional strategies. Create bundles, offers or stories to sell at a discount or at a special price. Aren’t liquidation strategies much more effective when leftovers are sold as bundles or marked down as a ‘story’? See how products on discount will look alongside products on regular price in different price bands and create compelling stories for buyers based on visual insights.


With Kanvas, quickly create multiple iterations and review how products will look together when showcased in stores. Go by theme, cluster, colour or a random selection of products that look good together to create eye-catching displays. Upload line drawings of your racks and modules or create them in Kanvas to quickly review the visual as well as numeric impact of the displays that you are planning. Reposition items and include relevant product information for store staff to guide them in executing the displays. Issuing VM instructions has never been this easy!


Create tactical promotions with Kanvas and quickly generate shelf talkers, promotional posters, promotion mechanics, look books, etc. in one short process. The template, preview and export functions in KANVAS make it easy to generate tactical communication material for multiple products! No more copying and pasting of data and images. Upload pictures, upload data, use a predefined template and get your materials out smoothly and rapidly.