Inspiration repository

Collate and document all materials collected for new range inspiration – from catalogues or market visits. Browsing, selecting and categorizing images, colour palettes, photos and clippings becomes a breeze with the ENRICH function of KANVAS.

Historical Analysis

You no longer need to create time consuming lookups, nor do ‘copy paste’ of images and data to understand your product performance. With Kanvas, get insights on trending products and instantly spot failures and exceptions in your line performance visually.

Look books

Kanvas helps you make iterations of “what will go with what“ and “how will it look together” in a few clicks until you are happy. Alternatively, create multiple versions and send them off for approval/feedback to team members in an instant. To save more precious minutes, use the TEMPLATE function to fill the desired attributes/data below the images and also create multiple pages in one go!